Global Money Week_Money Talk @ Pinefield School

Pinefield School is one of our favourite schools and they are a school we are always happy to visit. This year, as we did last year, we visited them to give a money talk.

pineoAunty Oyin began the session by talking to them about Global Money Week and the Pinefield students recalled perfectly what Global Money Week was and why it was important. We found that a lot of them were saving using the tortoise banks that we had given them last year and many of them were also saving in banks. They were so wise and so financially conscious that Aunty Oyin started to invite some of them to the stage to talk to their fellow students about how much they were saving and how they were earning their money. They were all Ajapa Wise Kids and they seemed to have the memory of elephants.

Mr Braithwaite then told them the story of how Ajapa and Mr Snaily got into doing business together. The children listened with rapt attention as he told them about Ajapa’s great ideas and the link between the shell and mobile banking. As usual, he had some of the children come up to act out scenes of the story with him and everyone appeared to enjoy this.

Afterwards, he began to ask the children questions from the story. For every correct answer, there was a prize. The children raised their hands in unison, there was very rarely a hand down and they rarely got the answer wrong when picked! We quickly ran out of prizes!

But Ajapa wanted to come in and see these kids for himself. And everyone knows Ajapa likes to make his entrance to the song Iwe Ki Ko. So we started to sing it, Ajapa came in, but he wasn’t dancing because all the children were not singing. When the kids saw him, the voices increased and he started to dance. As he drew closer, they rushed into his arms, recognizing him as their long seen friend.

Pinefield, we will be seeing you again soon!