Global Money Week Talk @ Corona School, Lekki

The day began bright and early at Corona school, lekki. We were received by the deputy head of the school and invited into the assembly hall.
The children politely greeted us and stated that they were a 5 star school as part of their address!IMG_20140313_083644Mrs Nneka Eneli of Credit Awareness started the day off in an upbeat fashion. She gave pithy points about global money week and the financial world in general. She also talked to the kids about saving money, earning money and spending money wisely. In her usual way, she had the students jumping off their seats to respond to her questions.
She was followed by Mr Mohammed from the Central Bank of Nigeria. Mr Mohammed educated the students as to what it is that CBN does. The children quickly grasped the concept of being a bank to other banks and also strove to answer his questions.
Mr Braithwaite was next and he told the tale of how Ajapa the tortoise and Snaily joined together toIMG_20140313_085613start a business. He introduced them to the various challenges that an entrepreneur faces and they were able to understand how Ajapa overcame these challenges. The tale also taught them about saving your money in a safe place.
Ajapa made his entrance during a traditional song that the Corona students also knew. They were very excited by his presence but even more excited by the prospect of winning prizes for questions that Mr Braithwaite began to ask them.
We left Corona on a high note and a promise that we would be back soon to engage with them again!