Global Money Week _Money Talk @ Starfield School

We went to visit the children of Starfield school, a lovely small primary school in Lekki Phase 1. We were really excited about the visit because we have interacted with the Starfield children in the past and have found them to be intelligent and polite – the way every Ajapa Wise Kid should be!

As part of Global Money Week, Ajapa and the team like to go to schools to talk about money – to talk about earning money, saving money and spending money wisely. On this occasion, Aunty Oyin began by talking to the kids about saving money. One of the more outspoken of the children asked Aunty Oyin what adults meant when they said ‘saving for a rainy day’

“Does it mean you have to use your money to buy an umbrella?” he asked.

Aunty Oyin explained to her audience that rainy days were seen to be bad days because the rain doesn’t allow you to go out and the sun isn’t shining. So when adults talked of saving for a rainy day, they meant saving for a day when things were not good and they might need the money. The children seemed satisfied with her response.

Then Mr Braithwaite told the story of how Ajapa and Mr Snaily got into doing business together. The children listened with rapt attention as he told them about Ajapa’s great ideas and the link between the shell and mobile banking. He had some of the children come up to act some of the scenes of the story with him and everyone appeared to enjoy this. Even the teachers were laughing!

diamondHe was followed by an agent of Diamond Y’ello; who are working with Ajapaworld to achieve the financial literacy goals. Diamond Y’ello encouraged the kids to advise their parents to open a Diamond Y’ello account and explained the benefits of doing so. How much of this the kids understood is anyone’s guess but by the end of the talk they were chanting the shortcode.

She was followed by Credit Bureau, who also spoke about the importance of saving. After the talks, the kids were finally able to play with the red balloons given to them earlier by Ajapaworld and they were happy to take pictures with Ajapa.