Global Money Week 2014_Money March

Our day started at Freedom Park – a beautiful garden and monument to our cultural heritage and history, born out of the ruins of Her Majesty’s broad street prisons. Today its flowers bloomed, its sculptures stood grandly and its water fountains ran freely. The atmosphere buzzed with the voices of children and the atmosphere was tense with excitement and last minute preparations.

Ajapa stood tall and proud overlooking the students who came to show the financial world that they had an identity, a voice and that they mattered too. The school’s that joined us for the Money March were Kings College, Lagos; Testimony Hall International School, Ijoko; Life Baker International School, Ijoko; Wonderful Nursery and Primary School, Itoki; God’s Favour College, Ijoko.

Once the balloons had been distributed and a health and safety talk delivered, we commenced the walk with music thanks to the Boy’s Brigade, dancing, singing and drumming. The children at the head
of the formation waved.

The Lagos State Traffic Management Authority (LASTMA) guided us and diverted traffic, to prevent cars from getting in our way (or us getting in theirs) as we paraded the streets. We sang song after song whilst we walked along Marina, between buildings that constituted some of the tallest in Lagos, cheered on by onlookers.

Finally we arrived at the Nigerian Stock Exchange where they received us graciously. We took the lift to the 20th floor and caught our breaths sitting down in the hall where quite a bit of the action goes on. Afterwards we took a tour of some of the rooms and were able to see where the stock exchange bell is wrung to indicate the start of the day’s trade!

It was a fun and an informative day and hopefully it will be remembered by everyone that participated as the day when the children of Lagos took the financial world by storm!