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Retirement and Pensions

Retirement is when someone leaves their job, never to work again. Because they will never work again, most people retire when they are old, or when they have so much money that they don’t need to work anymore. In Nigeria, the retirement age is 65 years – or after 35 years in service, but this […]

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Ajapa Money Club for Teens

Hi everyone, we at Ajapaworld hope you are having a fantabulous day! The Ajapa crew are buzzing in the offices today because we are excited to announce the launch of the Ajapa Money Club for Teens! The Club is dedicated to developing economically active and socially responsible teens. We want our teens to be money […]

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Language of Love, Language of Money!

Hiya! Did you know that over 1 billion valentines cards are sent each year??!! At Ajapaworld, we believe this season is a great time to remind the people around you how much you care about them. You can give your parents a valentines card or even your siblings! I bet Ajapa will be giving Yanrinbo […]

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Where Does Money Go?

Chi chi goes to buy a tortoise bank from her local supermarket Cashier: Ese At the end of the day, the cashier takes the money from the sales to her boss. And at the end of the month, the boss pays salary to all the supermarket employees. Lanre has just received his salary, he immediately […]


A Penny For Your Thoughts

A penny for your thoughts? When people say that, they usually mean – what are you thinking? So guys, what are you thinking? Ajapa would love to know. He is in Olowo village right now but he will be back with us soon and he would like to hear about how many of you saved […]

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I want! I want! I want!

Knowing how to spend money is just as important as knowing how to save money. In an age of consumerism, instant gratification, credit cards and online shopping it is becoming easier to spend money without really thinking about whether we really need what we are buying. So much so that many of us experience buyer’s […]


Global Money Week_Money March

It’s a Thursday. The fourth day of Global Money Week. And today, we stormed the streets of Lagos with the leaders of tomorrow, children who want the world to know that they have a say and they want to gain financial literacy! As you can probably guess, it was a spectacular display. Ajapa led the […]


Global Money Week_First Bank Visit

As part of Global Money Week, Ajapaworld and Starfield school visited First Bank. We were well received and taken on a tour of the bank. A banker attended to us at the desk, explaining the types of transactions that took place on a day to day basis. After which, they were taken to an inner […]


Global Money Week_Visit to Zenith Bank

Zenith bank opened their red doors to us and Ajapa and the Starfield students walked in eagerly. The tour of the bank began in a room upstairs where the kids were given a talk. They were asked how many of them were saving and then they were told about the Zenith Children’s Savings Account. Then […]


Global Money Week_Shopping Challenge

The supermarket challenge is an exercise designed to teach children about spending money wisely, budgeting and planning for the home. The children are given the same amount of money by Ajapaworld and instructed to buy items for the home. The challenge took place at KronMart small but well stocked supermarket at Centro Mall, Lekki. Mr Braithwaite, […]